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Preconception checklist
Patient Preference for Permanent Contraception Met
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Birth Control Pills Credited with Saving over 100,000 Lives from Ovarian Cancer


Too Much Caffeine Raises Risk of Miscarriage


No Link Found Between SSRIs and Congenital Heart Disease


 ACOG urges avoidance of PAXIL in pregnancy

NSAIDs Use in First Trimester Linked to Congenital Defects

FDA Approves Over the Counter Sales of Emergency Contraception (Plan B)

FDA Approves New Contraceptive Implant

Radical Surgery Reduces Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Oral Contraceptive Use May Prevent Coronary Disease Later in Life

CDC Urges Cervical Cancer Vaccination for Girls Aged 11-12


Debate Already Raging Over Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Also Effective for Vaginal & Vulvar Lesions

Sex DOES NOT Hasten the Onset of Labor As Old Wives Tell It

FDA Approves Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Moderate Stress & Anxiety During Pregnancy is NOT a Problem

Estrogen Use After Menopause DOES NOT Increase Breast Cancer Risk

CDC Releases National Recommendations to Improve Health of Babies & Moms

Jaundiced Babies Rarely Develop Neurologic Damage

Half of Teen "Virginity Pledges" Withdrawn in First Year

Non-Hormonal Remedies for Hot Flashes are a Flash in the Pan

Fetal Brain Growth SLOWS When Pregnant Mothers Drink Alcohol

Poor Timing on Birth Spacing May Compromise Outcomes

ACOG: Go Slowly on Teens with Abnormal PAP Smears

More Good News on HPV Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer


Another Study Shows Vitamins Don't Prevent Preeclampsia

High-Dose Vitamins Fail to Prevent Preeclampsia

Expert Panel STUMPED on Elective C-Section Question

Perimenopause may trigger depression


More Information on Evra Patch

Six Months of Breastfeeding Protects Infants From Pneumonia

Cervical Excision May Interfere with Future Pregnancy

Antidepressants May Find Way to Newborn Lungs

Dilemma: Pregnant Women & Antidepressants

Yet Another Reason Not to Smoke in Pregnancy

Menopausal Memory Complaints Linked to Mood

Obesity in Pregnancy Called Risky for Mother & Child

Pregnant Asthmatics Carrying Girls Have Worse Symptoms

Investigational Vaccine Prevents Genital Warts & Cancers

Five Vital Nutrients for Women

Abstinence-Only Programs May Withhold Valuable Health Information

Timing May Influence Effect of Hormone Therapy on Coronary Arteries

GnRH Agonists Improve Fertility in Women with Endometriosis

Exercise Boosts Mood of Patients with Major Depression

Gynecologic Oncologists Outperform Generalists for Ovarian Cancer


now available
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