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Women's Care From a Doctor You Can Trust

Dr Harrison is committed to womens' health now & for years to come.  He is dedicated to each & every woman he cares for with skilled, up-to-date care.  He is a skilled, specialized, board certified obstetrician/gynecologist who really cares about his patients.  From helping provide you with a healthy pregnancy to being there for you during your most difficult health problems, you can count on Dr Harrison for the care you deserve

Total Care For a Lifetime of Health

When you are ready for a caring, dedicated physician you can rely on for a lifetime, turn to Dr Harrison.  He offers complete gynecologic services, including well-woman care & highly personalized care to keep you at your best for years to come

Personalized, Experienced Obstetrics

You can be sure that Dr Harrison will help you have a healthy pregnancy & delivery.  He will make sure you get the complete prenatal care you need & help you have a healthy delivery that honors your wishes.  If you have health issues like diabetes, thyroid disease or other problems that can affect your pregnancy, you're in excellent hands.  You & Dr Harrison will discuss pain management & other important details so that your wishes can be understood & respected

Advanced, Specialized Care You Can Trust

For more complex women's health problems, you get the high-quality care you need from Dr Harrison.  While surgery is always a last resort, you'll be glad to know that Dr Harrison offers the latest care for these & other gynecologic problems:

  • Heavy, Painful Cycles
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain
  • Bladder Control
  • Pelvic Relaxation Problems
  • Abnormal Pap Smears
  • Family Planning

Dr Harrison always takes the time to explain your situation & all your options for treatment.  This allows YOU to make the best decision for yourself.  Dr Harrison is highly skilled with a full range of solutions for the health issues women face.  He offers:

  • Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy -- With hysterectomies performed vaginally, patients enjoy a quicker, more comfortable recovery and short hospital stay
  • Advanced Pelvic Surgeries --For bladder control problems & pelvic prolapse/relaxation
  • Outpatient Treatment for Heavy Cycles -- These nonsurgical procedures can put an end to problem periods & can be an excellent alternative to hysterectomy
  • Essure -- Permanent sterilization option performed outpatient without incisions or surgery

No matter what treatment you need, Dr Harrison is here for you.  He will do his utmost to ease your fears & make your treatment as easy as possible, along with compassion, sensitivity and care you need

Advanced Care for Bladder Control Issues

If you suffer with a bladder control problem, you are not alone.  It's very common & affects literally millions of women in the United States.  Many women also have some degree of pelvic prolapse, that is, a relaxation of the tissues that support the pelvic organs caused by age, childbirth & even some medications.  Prolapse can cause many troubling symptoms that can make life miserable

Dr Harrison understands how these problems can affect your life and he can help with the latest treatments that are easier on you.  He will talk with you, help you understand your condition & explain all your treatment options in detail.

Remember:  These problems are NOT your fault & they can be treated

Patient-Friendly Hysterectomies

Traditionally, hysterectomies have involved a large abdominal incision.  Nationally, 67% of hysterectomes are still performed that way.  Now, thanks to today's advanced medical care, women now have options when it comes to hysterectomy.  If hysterectomy is the best option for you, Dr Harrison can help.  He is skilled in the latest hysterectomy methods that are so patient-friendly, most women are back to their normal routines in days, not weeks.

Dr Harrison performs the vast majority of his hysterectomies using a vaginal approach.  This means no large incision that takes many staples & stitches.  This also means a much more comfortable recovery.  Often, there is no incision on the outside of the body at all.  Dr Harrison will let you know exactly what to expect & make your treatment as easy as possible.

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